After the introduction of penguin update a lot of low quality sites dropped in SERP ranking. This was not limited to newly born sites, but it has effected even the top notch websites in Google search engine result. In such situations what actually webmasters and SEO experts take an action when their blogs are deadly penalized with low quality backlinks. To let you know. Few years back, Google Introduced a Links tool called Disavow Links Tool which helps to prevent all the desires low quality back-links under your control. This prominent Disavow tool is gifted by the Google Webmaster Room. So before you change anything wrong let me follow to show you the step by step guide on how to use google’s links disavow tool to remove poor links.

Will Disavow Links Tool will Effect Your Site ?

Well every one care about the SERP ranking when they bring major changes related to SEO etc. I have been always recommended never go blindly to change anything without studying it deeply or asking from experts. So, will your blog ranking effect in SERP by using disavow tool. Yes. incorrect use of google disavow tool may harm your blog ranking. Carefully add the links in disavow tool. In case you don’t know how to add urls, then scroll down and read steps to use google disavow tool.    What Steps are taken before Using the Disavow Tool ?
Generally when a site is penalized, the site owner get bundles of notification in the webmaster tool. Which make sense to treat the site by removing all the low quality baclinks flowing from poor external websites. At the movement you should not take the removal action, but first you have to request the sites owners where your bad links are located. Meanwhile, you didn’t get any response from them then you should probably use the disavow links tool to remove the links located on their sites. Lets see how to use it properly.

How To Use Disavow Links in a Proper Way ?

The foremost thing you need to log into the google webmaster tools, there you will see a disavow links tool or simply go to this link  Google Disavow Links Tool and then select your desire blog domain name which is being affected. It will look likes which you see in the screenshot below.
Like in the screenshot you will get your domain name instead of So make sure you will select the desire domain name which was effected, click simple on the arrow option and then pick the domain from the drop down box.

After Selecting the domain name, your work is not completed yet, you have to do some other steps to complete your job.
Now we will upload a text file which will contain all the links that you want to block from the external websites. This Tool provides two opportunity, to block the whole domains or a list of urls, then the format should be look like.  for a single link, you can add this in the following format. A piece of example from google shown below.


# removed most links, but missed these
# Contacted owner of on 7/1/2012 to
# ask for link removal but got no response


Keep in Mind

The above example is solely given by Google Officials. Make sure you have to insert every link on the separate line. every non-# link will be added on a separate line. And the rest of all that starting from a # will not be counted in the links because they are behave as message to Google. Most frequently question is asked, how much mb file upload in the disavow tool. Remember you can only upload upto 2 mb file. Must check the file size before going to upload. Thats is.

How to Find Bad Backlinks

While removing bad backlinks the first door you will go through, find out all the poor back-links flowing from others sites. This process will indeed take so long time, to find one by one. To let you know the solid solution just go to the webmaster tool >> click on your desire site >> go to the traffic >> Links to your sites >> who give lot of links >> more. To grab the whole result you can easily download by clicking on the download button, you will be told, now you have successfully download the file.

Note: for finding bad quality backlinks you can also use some special SEO tools besides webmaster tool. There are bunch of tools available on the on web, Do research and use them.

How much Time It would Take to Remove the Desire Bad Links

Generally when we tell google to delete the links it takes 1 or 2 days normally to make all those links useless for robots. It might not take the action immediately, if you did any mistake. So make sure, before going to send links to google disavow tool, analyze twice and place all the urls in a format which was recommended by Google.