Adding search domain plugin in blogger blog helps your readers to find the domain instantly without going anywhere on the web. A lot of people searching for domain by using different online tools. There are out bundles of online tools available on the web which help in finding the available domains. However, we can easily get the advantage of using such online tools while adding them in  a blog  and allow readers to find their desire domain  names. This tool will not only help our readers but it could also help in decreasing bonus rate of a blog. Recently we found one of the excellent  domain website which provides domain tool to add in a blog or website. So in today’s article we will show you how to add  instant domain searching widget in blogger. Let me follow to show you the step by step guide how add this in blogger blog.

Add Instant Domain Search Widget in Blogger

Instant domain is the only website on the web which provide this opportunity to add domain tool in a website. This tool will show real time domains searching while you are looking for. A domain that has been taken by someone will show immediately when you insert the desire domain name in its search box. Same in the way, when a domain is available for purchasing it would give a quick result to show all the available domain names in a list. So i would recommended it is one of the best widget which could help to stay visitors for a while on the blog. So, to add this in your blog follow the below step by step guide.

To add this widget Go to blogger dashboard >> Go to layout >> click on add gadget and select html/javascript widget. Now past the below given code and save it. Refresh the page you will see a small tool for checking domain name. Congratulation  you have successfully  added the widget enjoy.

style=”width: 336px; height: 280px; overflow: hidden;”
frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” id=”ids-widget” name=”ids-widget”

<a href=””>Instant Domain Search</a>


How to Use  The  Widget ?

After refreshing  the blog you will get the domain search widget anywhere in  the blog where you have  pasted  it  code. Now for checking any domain name. Enter you desire domain name in the search box and press enter. It will give instant result whether a domain is available or it has been taken already. you can see in the below screenshot in which i tried for checking domain name.

How to Add Instant Domain Search Widget in Blogger

You see that the domain is not available and it has been taken already. But the finest thing is that it suggest all the available domain names of your desire name if they are available. You can see  that is  available for purchasing which you can  clearly see in the screen shot.

Need Help in Installation of Domain Search Widget

We  hope you found this tutorial very helpful in adding instant domain search widget in blogger blog. Give it a try and  add this excellent tool in your blogger blog. It would help your readers to find all TLD domain names. If someone face any problem then kindly do let me know. reply will back within a day. thanks.