Online File Sharing is a fabulous but paid service over the internet which allows you to upload your own files (whether of any format) over the internet and make a direct link to download them.This is favorable with two cases. First if that file is so important such that we don’t want to ever loose it or second we had to make that reached to someone, thus we uploaded it over the internet and given him/her the direct link to download. Here we are going to introduce some services which will provide you the facility of online file sharing for free. Thus let us drive through the list…
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1.) Ripway: A fantastic online file sharing service. Ripway allows you to upload content of about 100MB online direct link of which is provided to you. For all this, you just have to do a thing, you have to make a free signup on this website. This was probably the first online usage service I started to use for my free online file sharing. You also must check it out!

2.) Sendspace: Probably one of the best free online file sharing providers. The reason is not to explained but I think I must tell you that these people provide you unlimited online storage. And at a time a file of about 300 MB at the maximum can be uploaded over the net to get the direct link. The procedure to upload file is same as with the previous one, just get a free signup there and start uploading.

3.) MediaFire: This website allows you to upload any file without having any registration on the website. Just upload your file and get the direct link to it. However it you want to become a regular user of this service, then you can signup for free for which you will get unlimited file storage, uploading of up to 200 MB of file at a time and you can share/download them unlimited number of times from the direct link.

4.) FileFactory: With file factory, you can upload up to 25 files (1GB each) without an account on the website. You can join for free if you want. That will make you a routine user of this fabulous online file sharing service. If you are having an account, then you can even create/manage your folders/sub-folders on the internet. Yes, it would be just like storing on your local computer but your data would be more secure from being lost because of any system crash!

5.) 4Shared: Another service which allows you to upload your files over the network without any registration. Here you can upload about 100MB of per file and about 5 GB in total you can upload. Same is the condition is with this one also as that was with previous online file sharing service. If you want to be a routine user, then simply signup for free. Just visit the site once to know more!

6.) MailBigFile: Mail Big File is actually a file mailing service. Here no registration is needed to mail up to 200MB of a file to any person for free but if you want more, you will have to pay for registering yourself on the website. You can not store your data online but still there is are a lot more chances to keep it safe. Just email it to your own ID and keep it not only safer, but also secret!

7.) Files2U: Last but not the least, Files 2 U is a fabulous online file emailing service which helps you in sending your large files (about unlimited size) to up to 4 recipients at a time along with a personal message embedded in your email. You can also make a download of your files by tracking the number of file sent by you from the download option on the menu bar above. Just have a look!

These were a few fabulous free online file sharing services which got provided to you here! Did I missed your favorite? please do let us know about it. Enjoy file sharing!