Security is most concern for each user of computer. Every time, we need certain measures for protection of various securities holes. In order to save your laptop with insecure wireless network, data privacy, virus attacks etc. Lay users hire professional’s experts and paid extra money for protecting their laptop. In order to protect your photos, documents, personal emails, songs, movies, books, other important material.

On the other hand, if you purchased the new laptop, you don’t have list of apps installed that useful for protect your laptop.Here are 5 Must-Have Free Software To Protect Your Laptop

Antivirus :


Virus is commonly term used now-a-days. Computer users has the large investment for spending money for protecting the virus attacks. In past, we covered best Freeware antivirus 2009 , Online Free Antvirus scanning software and 10 freeware Antivirus.

But My suggestion is to use Free AVG Antivirus 9 for protection of your laptop.


Firewall :

Basically firewall is built in windows but protecting your laptop online against hackers, you can use Outpost Firewall Free, It also has the power to protect online attacks.

Tracking :

Are you worrying about stolen your laptop! Prey is freeware tracking app for laptop.

Backup :


In past ,we already covered Back4Sure free app that has maximum capability for storage your data . Sugarsync is another free online backup software. If you are looking large data 8 Top Free Apps For Backup and Share your Files Online. For more 8 Top Free Apps For Backup and Share your Files Online




If you are looking for free open source app for protect your data from unauthorized access. TrueCrypt is a significant encryption app. you can encrypts an entire partition store on usb flash drive or hard disk. It has latest algorithms for encryption. Download