TheSoftHelp brings for you Freeware Software Pack. These apps contain all the best free download of 2009 including internet tool, Antivirus, Multimedia, Browsing, Backup tools, Drivers issues, Download Mangers , Video Converter etc These are software useful and help your Computer for up-to-date. This will improve your computer life and windows. If you have any recommendation, suggestion or addition, please free to write it. Last month, i covered 80+ Freeware Software May or May not know. Today, I listed the most downloaded software of 2009.

You can also add on the list and suggest us, i will add in this list. Here is the List of Best Window Freeware Software of 2009.

It is freeware app for opening save, print PDF documents much easier then the official Adobe Reader. Adobe took a lot of time while opening it. Alternative Foxit Reader is a light way app that give you easier way of viewing the PDF files. [Download]NotePad ++
It is an opensource app for replacement of NotePad. If i can say! sometimes, peoples used NotePad ++ against the MS Word. I will not be wrong. Notepad++ is trying to reduce the world carbon dioxide emissions. When using less CPU power, the PC can throttle down and reduce power consumption, resulting in a greener environment. Another , if you want to use an existing Open Source Office, Try [Download]

Internet Section

In Internet Section, FireFox is given the best browsing award and consider as more customize internet tool. I covered a lot of add-ons and discussed the feature about Firefox. [Download]

Pidgin :

If you are user of multiple Instant Messenger like yahoo, msn , gtalk, AOL, ICQ, Jabber or IRC to chat online! Due to a lot friends! you have to install all the messenger but Pidgin provide solution in single messenger. It can tab your chats in single window and show all the features alone in one window. [download]Postbox

PostBox is another freeware that searches inside your email to find exactly what you’re looking for: images, attachments, contacts, links or text. And searches in Postbox are lighting-fast, saving you time for more important thing. [Download]


7-Zip :

Open source Windows utility for manipulating archives. Formats 7z, ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2 and TAR are supported fully, other formats can be unpacked. [Download]


Revo Uninstaller

helps you to uninstall software and remove unwanted programs installed on your computer even if you have problems uninstalling and cannot uninstall them from “Windows Add or Remove Programs” control panel applet. Revo Uninstaller is a much faster and more powerful alternative to “Windows Add or Remove Programs” applet! It has very powerful features to uninstall and remove programs. [Download]


uTorrent is the world’s most popular BitTorrent client. Most of the features present in other BitTorrent clients are present in µTorrent, including bandwidth prioritization, scheduling, RSS auto-downloading. Utorrent download any torrent files automatically with grabbed feature. [Download]

TereCopy :

Do you wish to copy/move your files fast? TeraCopy is a freeware app that move file at the maximum possible speed, providing the user a lot of features. Usually, moving or copying the files in hard-disk or Cd or USB takes times. But this app will help and provide the awesome way of transferring the data. In case of copy error. It will resume from the same part instead of copying the data from beginning.


ImgBurn is freeware app and simply interface. You can easily write or burn your CD or DVD. Another features includes HD DVD / Blu-ray burning application. you can also make the music discs, data backups, video DVDs with speed. [Download]VLC Freeware Multimedia Player
If i say , VLC has done the replacement of Window media Player. You might agree with me. VLC is most downloaded app last year as multimedia categorie. VLC is a highly portable multimedia player and multimedia framework capable of reading most audio and video formats (MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, DivX, MPEG-1, mp3, ogg, aac) as well as DVDs, Audio CDs VCDs, and various streaming protocols. Another point, i need to highlight, you can also changed the Skins of VLC and make shape like window media player or else. The Official Website has also included the list of Skins. [Download]



AVG Free 9

it’s include Antivirus, AntiSpyware, LinkScanner and Phishing Protection. and some basic anti-rootkit protection. This app keep you protecting against threats like wall. [Download] (if you are looking for more freeware Anti virus , see our category of Anti virus)


Search & Destroy detects and removes spyware, a relatively new kind of threat not yet covered by common anti-virus applications. Spyware silently tracks your surfing behavior to create a marketing profile for you that is transmitted without your knowledge to the compilers and sold to advertising companies. If you see new toolbars in your Internet Explorer that you haven’t intentionally installed, if your browser crashes inexplicably, or if your home page has been “hijacked” (or changed without your knowledge), your computer is most probably infected with spyware. [Download]


Adware has two version freeware and shareware. However, Freeware Adware is also handy tool for monitoring the security and solved malicious stuff from your computer. It has been downloading in 2009 for anti-virus and free spyware removal software.It will solved your malicious stuff, clean safely