VCDCutter is a MPEG, VCD and Movie Player. This version can play MPG,VCD,or other movie files(such as MPG,DAT,AVI,MOV). Very friendly and menu driven with full featured control with movie file. VCDCutter can extract MPG,frame from VCD or MPG file, cutting your favorite part or whole MPG file to disk when playing(now can extract system stream,or video,audio stream only).

How to Cut a VCD with VCD Cutter?

VCD Cutter is not only free but is a simple and easy to use Video Cutter. It maintains the VCD quality, even in the clipped Videos.
Steps for doing Cutting the Videos

  • Open the VCD(DAT) file by clicking open
  • Mark start and end of VCD Clip to be made
  • Click Save and choose the output file name


  • Support mostly movie format playing (MPG,DAT,AVI,WAV,MOV,M1V,MPV).
  • Many options to fully control the playing operation.
  • You can import/export play list or clip list.
  • Support movie files Drag/Drop operation.
  • Divide big MPG stream in to multi-smaller parts.
  • Split MPG system stream(mpg) into them component(m1v,mp3).
  • You can cut some clips, and then join them into one clip file.
  • You can extract frames to disk when you are playing. support extract 4
  • frames into one big frame.
  • Fully control the playback quality and performance.
  • You can scale the movie size.
  • You can control the playing speed in range 0.1X~10.X.

That is all folks!!! You are done splitting your VCD!!! Free Download VCD cutter from here and enjoy cutting or splitting your VCD.